Monday, 29 December 2014

Time to get a new test project going

I used to have a big solution on one of my PCs at home, containing all the new and exciting stuff I wanted to try out. Opened it up the other week to see if I could make it even bigger but woah, it was infected all over with WCF, Silverlight and good old Comet.

No fun. So this is my new holiday project: A new solution to try out fun stuff. And for sentimental reasons and certain domain knowledge, I'll make it a Car rental solution. :)

  • I need to work more with Elastic Search, so I'll use that as a repository for one or more of the services. Not because it's a brilliant secure datastore, but to test it out.
  • I think I should try out Raven DB as well, it's been a couple of years and I've forgotten all about it. 
  • I want to get better at thinking DDD style so I'll use it to set up the micro services I want to implement. I'll just use HTTP-requests to call them to begin with, and that will probably make me realise there are some major issues surrounding that and I'll have to solve them. And better here than in a real project at a customer's, right? :)
  • I want to use async more, so that will be implemented throughout the system.
  • I'm gonna build two clients, one for administering the cars and one for customers renting them. These will probably be built in MVC5, at least one of them, since that is what I'll be working with professionally the coming year.
  • I'm gonna try out different ways of logging and getting metrics. This is such a left behind area in developing web solutions and I'm no better. I suck at it, but I do see the huge values.
  • I'll try out different ways of deploying. Asimov deploy is on the list. And I wanna look into Docker.
  • Since I'm going micro services, I'll do at least one of them in Node.js. 

I think that's it to begin with... And my intention is to blog about it. If I don't, you know I got stuck in front of Walking Dead again.

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